Weekend in the Middle East

It is no secret that majority of Arabs are muslims, but did you know that the Arab business culture is built around Islamic holidays same way as the European business culture is built around Christianity? This might change business from inside out in every aspect of life. Let’s take for example a week. When does a week start?

In the Middle Eastern week starts on Sunday! Friday is a day off in most Middle Eastern countries, as it takes a special place in Quran. The Friday prayer is the most important one of the week and muslims are going to the mosque. So even in the countries, where Friday is not a day off, a larger break is meant for the Friday prayer.

Earlier, most of the MENA countries used to have Thursday-Friday days off, but to make business easier, it was recently changed to Friday-Saturday with a few exceptions of Lebanon, Morocco and Tunisia, that have Saturday-Sunday weekend. Keep it in your mind, when planning on a business trip!

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