Finland and United Arab Emirates Named the Safest Countries in the World

Dubai, United Arab Emirates attracts millions of tourists every year

Looking for a new destination?

You might consider Finland or United Arab Emirates.

Finland has named the safest country in the world by World Economic Forum. United Arab Emirates is the second safest country in the world right after Finland.

The World’s 10 Safest Countries, According to the World Economic Forum

  1. Finland – score: 6.7
  2. United Arab Emirates – 6.6
  3. Iceland – 6.6
  4. Oman — 6.5
  5. Hong Kong SAR – 6.5
  6. Singapore – 6.5
  7. Norway – 6.4
  8. Switzerland – 6.4
  9. Rwanda – 6.4
  10. Qatar – 6.3

Next time you are looking for a perfect sunny and safe destination United Arab Emirates should be first on the list. On the other hand, Finland offers you the peaceful, beautiful and safest destination in the world.

Finland known for its crystal clear lakes and beautiful forests. Saunas, beautiful lapland and its northern lights. It is the home of the santa for the world, of course, and to add further to its charms, it is has also been the named the safest country in the world by World Economic Forum.

If you are not looking to head to Europe, there is another destination which is highly ranked as the safest country. United Arab Emirates  known for its one of the biggest most famous buildings and the soaring sky-high landmark of Dubai. This building is also the world’s tallest  building, it lays claim to the titles of tallest freestanding structure in the world, highest observation deck in the world, and the elevator with the longest travel distance in the world. United Arab Emirates is not only ranked the safest in the Arab world, but all over the world after Finland.

Helsinki, capital of Finland, is a destination for sightseeing- and business-tourism

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