Invest in Tunisia, North African Economic Leader

Invest in TunisiaAttractive geographical and economic positions make Tunisia very appealing for investors. The country has gone through serious changes over recent years and when this is added to the factors that have always been attractive for Tunisia, it’s no surprise to see that so many people invest in Tunisia in a bid to reap the rewards. At this moment Tunisia is the North African leader in terms of well-being of its population and is the most welcoming country for new information and communications technology. 

Tunisia in numbers

  • 1st world exporter of dates and olive oil, (2014-2015).
  • 2nd in the Arab world in terms of production of renewable energies.
  • 2nd African exporter of organic products.
  • 2nd African manufacturer of automotive components.
  • 7th world producer of phosphates and triple superphosphate.
  • 8th european Union supplier of clothing.
  • 8th country accredited as organic exporter to the European Union market.

Sectors to invest

“Doing Business in 2016” ranked Tunisia ahead of all North African countries. Advanced digital connection allows Tunisians to be connected to the rest of the world. According to the World Economic Forum, 2015, Tunisia is a leader in North Africa and is the most welcoming country for new information and communications technology.

  • Energy
  • Manufacturing industries
  • Textile-Clothing
  • Electronics
  • Tourism

Government’s aid for investors

Investors have also been provided plenty of incentives to take their money to Tunisia. For instance, new companies will be exempt for ten years of income tax. Also the companies, located in certain areas of the country, receive a state subsidy for employer contributions. One of the best workplaces in Africa, Tunisia grants freedom of investment in most sectors and freedom of repatriation of profits and capital gains. Ease of import and export and protection of foreign investors appeals to international companies and businesses consider Tunisia next business hub.

Startup scene in Tunisia

Tunisia’s close proximity to Europe also has opened opportunities for entrepreneurs to develop mutual platforms that provide job opportunities. Europe also offers Tunisian startups a larger, more profitable close market and the opportunity to attend startup expos to promote their ideas. Tunisian startups are finding ways to improve their society and fix endemic economic problems though innovation and creativity.

Business conferences to attend:

  • Tunisia Investment Forum
  • Startup Grind MENA 2018
  • Quantum Africa

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