About Arabian Finnish Business Forum AFBF ry

Arabian Finnish Business ForumArabian Finnish Business Forum AFBF ry is a network of business professionals in Finland and the Middle East and North Africa. We help start-ups and businesses to make first step in direction of Finnish-Middle Eastern cooperation and support and enhance already existing projects. Our work is guided by the principle:

Business without barriers and stigma

Our mission is to connect people through series of high-quality events and workshops, for which we bring together experts from different fields and areas of expertise. We are passionate about creating an environment where you can find partners, sponsors, and clients. An environment where you can exchange tips and experiences.

Our members are:

  • people who have already entered the Middle Eastern market, or the ones who are only planning.
  • people who are willing to adopt Finnish business patterns.
  • open and internationally-minded professionals.

Our network gives you an access to business funding resources, consulting, and assistance at different project stages. Our vision is to break the barriers between Finnish and the Middle Eastern markets. We believe that by facilitating a business network community built on trust, professionalism, and diversity we will positively contribute to economics of both regions.

Our Board members are:
Mr Karim Ali, Founder and CEO of Consilta (President)
Mr Yasser Shawky, Commercial advisor at Embassy of Finland in Cairo
Mr Bilal Qudisat, Executive Vice President at HUR
Mrs Linda Rönnqvist, Parliament of Finland